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  • automotive boards

    I have a possible chance at lots of automotive boards like pictured. are they worth it? sell as is or total depopulate. there is a rubber/silicone type stuff covering everything 1-2mm thick does this affect things, very new to all this. these 2 boards pictured are main ecu's from 2 different types of commodore.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Can't really make out what the tops look like but most ecu's are just mid grade boards, nothing overly special and silicon would detract value as ir's just more junk.
    Probably get more value selling as is 'cos there's stuff on them that weigh a bit and have no real value, so for a few ic chips you'd probably lose compared to selling as mid grade boards.
    if you can get 'em for free then great, if your selling then depends on what your buyer will pay
    Buying eWaste link here