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  • Board component ID

    I wonder if you chaps could help ID a couple of gold board componants i've recently stripped from a few boards ?

    I have no idea what the boards did they came in a scrap pile from a local colledge that had closed down, i'm affraid the pic isn't all that great as it's basicly my phone camers taking a pic through a magnifying glass as it doesn't have macro

    This is the board they came from if it helps i think they were signal generators but i really have no idea

    Cheers for any input you can give, i was thinking old style crystal oscillator or similar, the boards are dated 1968 so it's old old tech anf rather nice to look at if i'm honest

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	489.6 KB ID:	12361
    I also picked up this late 80s Nokia MikroMikko 3 TT M125

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    i think this i will try and sell as it's pretty rare, the ram you see to the right is the optional 4 Meg 4 whole meg wooooo, standard it came with 2 ! things have come a long way in 40 years


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      Yeah interesting nokia pc, it's the last version they made, might have good collectable value, certainly worth polishing up and selling it.

      Those things up top are transistors, they still look the same today but many don't have gold legs now
      Buying eWaste link here


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        cheers mate I'm certainly looking at selling/keeping the nokia, it doesn't power up at the mo so i have to search through the pile of PSUs to see if i have one compatable.
        The main trouble i'm having is the urge to keep the boards, they do look pretty in a geeky kinda way, especialy the old ones