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  • Circuit Board Identification

    I was wondering how these boards would be classified. More specifically, Ben under which class would you purchase them?

    I have numbered the items in the pictures

    1: CPU from laptop

    2: CPU from laptop

    3: CPU from laptop

    4: CPU from Apple G5

    5: Motherboard from a photocopier

    6: Motherboard from a medical laser

    7: from a server rack

    8: White Ceramic Gold Cap and Legs IC

    9: White Ceramic Gold Cap and Legs IC

    10: Epoxy/Plastic ICs with Gold Legs

    11: DLP with Gold legs, most of them are covered in tin from being soldered.

    Also how are hard drive boards and cell phone boards classed?

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    My latest video series covers the grading of most boards, part 2 up soon.

    1. Looks like a video card, mid or maybe high grade
    2. same
    3. same
    4. Slot CPU
    5. High grade but could slip into motherboard
    6. high grade
    7. maybe server grade
    8 & 9. my 8000 series grade
    10. just ic chips
    11. ccd sensor, they vary and might be worth around $40 kg

    hard drive & cell phone boards are graded as they are, but not many buyers here in australia.
    I grade them by the board itself, from mid to telecom, modern h/d boards are just mid so most sell complete hard drives.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Thanks for the clarification. Another question, do slot cards have to come from computers/servers or do they simply need gold fingers? For example these two boards came from an old CRT TV and a medical laser.


      • WEEE Ben
        WEEE Ben commented
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        Yep, slot cards when they're that size, really big boards with gold fingers would just go as the grade the board is overall.
        But anything under the size of a regular pc motherboard with fingers would go as slot.

      • Nick
        Nick commented
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        Thanks again for the clarification.