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  • Strategic Stockpiling E-Waste Commodities for PM's

    There's still quit a few years to go before backyard refiners can recover precious metals reasonably easily.
    Sure we can get the gold but what about the rest?

    My idea of strategic stockpiling is to reduce e-waste down to components and holding until technology catches up and backyarders have access to either a machine or easier technique to recover all the metals as gold alone is not enough when there's so many other precious metals hidden within.

    Well that's my idea anyway as there's enough things to make a little money when scrapping, there's no need to chase small qty's of gold when there's bigger fish to fry when we can easily recover platinum, palladium and a dozen other metals.
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    Are toll refiners expensive? I've never asked them for a quote because quite simply I have nothing that they could refine on a decent scale. Isuppose they might be commission based? I think hensel recycling has an Australian office that refines things for people over seas. A person called Successful Engineer has a YouTube channel about precious metal recovery, with loads of videos on the subject, people may want to check him out. Very thorough. Or so it would seem to a layman, but he explains what works and what doesn't. Food for thought perhaps


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      we don't have a toll refiner in Aust' for e-waste, mostly only gold & silver refiners, there is one refiner looking into e-waste but they are miles behind.
      yeah SE on youtube does good video's on gold recovery trials but as this video mentions, it's not about gold alone, anyone can recover gold from fingers, but what about the rest?
      so that's what stockpiling is all about, hold until anyone can recover the PM's easily, not just a little bit of gold.

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