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  • Gold Recovery - Hard Gold vs. ENIG - Be careful what you pay for!!

    Hi lads, thought this video might be worth watching for those of you who are buying/collecting ewaste for PM recovery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iav_KH0PEZY. Has other videos, many on the actual process that he carries out when he is processing his own boards for gold recovery.

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    Interesting video BowerBird. A good one to watch for anyone starting off in gold recovery from electronic waste.

    I've never paid for any e waste at all. I've either scrounged it or had it given to me. Another scrappy that I work with up here always gives me electronic stuff. Not worth his time pulling it apart and then the time and expense of recovery.

    Another point for newbies to watch out for is gold plated pins. Some are fully plated their whole length whereas others are only flashed in a small area where contact is made. I've always found that external connection pins are the best as they have to withstand a lot more use. Cheers