Cutting pins from video cable plugs

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  • Cutting pins from video cable plugs

    This is the best way I could think of to cut those pins off.

    What else could a dremel be used for when scrapping e-waste?

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    I have been using a dremel in much the same way. So handy.

    I bought an arbor one ton press for metal work projects, but found that used properly it is good for opening some of the pins molded into plastic. The ones that can't be pulled with nail clippers. An excessive buy just for pins, but if you use it for other projects it's worth it.


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      How bout it Ben? Got a question about these plugs; would you be able to better collect the full plated pins by cutting/opening up some length of the plastic behind the pins, or would that be too time intensive and/or recovery limited? Thanks!


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        yeah too much work for little, the pin left in the plastic has a piece of wire still in it so need to cut that part off anyway,
        the new white plugs open up easy but very hard to open the blue ones so the time factor and hassle wouldn't pay as most of the pin can be just cut off.

        really depends on time, the more time you got the further you can scrap things, but if your bringing in a lot of scrap then there little downtime to chase a little extra
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