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    Sorry for the delay. Due to a massive amount of boards to process I have been stuck sorting for a couple of weeks. Had to put the chips on hold for a little bit. Once I get back into it I will upload some pics. There are a couple of methods I am trying at the moment.

    I used the pipes ($17 purchase rocks) on both the incinerated small amount I did and also on the ceramic chips I have with great success. Thats where I stopped. I have the end result in a powdered consistency now, but seriously looking at the shaker table option. If things go to plan I should have one purchased very soon so will use that to get the gold out of the powder instead of panning.

    IN the mean time I really need to sort through quite a few tonne of boards.


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      ok no worries pav

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    I find the easiest way is to use old Copper Chloride on these as a way of increasing the copper concentration.

    Just put the chips into a plastic basket and suspend the basket into the Copper Chloride solution and come back every few days and give them a shake.

    Continue until all legs are gone.

    Great way of getting the most out of your chemistry


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      I see my teachings have not gone unheeded.