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  • Commercial Advertising Rates

    Scrap Forum is pleased to announce that subscriptions to the commercial advertising section is now available to small & large business offering services or for buying bulk qty's of scrap.

    We also have a premium banner advertising space 250x250 or 300x250 available on the front page.


    Banner Advertisement .. $45 per calendar month (Minimum of 3 months, paid in advance)

    You will need to provide the banner artwork along with website linking details.

    Thread Advertisement .. $20 per calendar month (or 3 months $55, paid in advance)
    For subscription to allow advertising within 1 thread in this forum category only

    Subscription come with a featured content placement, this allows your ad' to be viewed in the main rotating banner which is placed across the entire forum for visitors that come in via thread posts

    The rotating banner can be seen by logged in members on the front page

    Subscribers will be given moderator permissions to enable full access to modify their thread at their convenience

    You may add a website link or link to your thread in your signature so all posts you make on the forum will have a link to your advertisement thread

    Some Rules:

    Multiple advertising threads may be purchased if required

    All ad's whether they be a service offered, offer to buy or sell must include pricing where applicable

    All threads must include some form of contact information other then private message so visitors may contact you, eg: email or phone

    The advertising and the products being advertised must be legal, truthful, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations

    Legal compliance is strictly the responsibility of the advertiser. We disclaim any and all responsibility for the products and advertising made here. You agree, as a condition for access and use that this website is a provider of an Interactive Computer Service and is not responsible for the actions of our users

    Do Not advertise your services in other threads other then your own

    No copyrighted material to be used within your ad' (eg: copied photo's) please ensure all media used in advertising is owned by you

    Whilst paid subscrption gives you some privileges within your thread, it does not give any privileges elsewhere in the forum

    We do not offer refunds for subscriptions unless we remove your advertising thread at our own discretion, pro-rata refund will apply

    Payments to be sent via Paypal only and must be paid in advance

    All Subscription queries to be sent to