Blank page, forum issues?

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  • Blank page, forum issues?

    There was some people having issues with a blank forum page and other issues.

    Go into your browser history and clear recent history, check all the boxes and clear everything.
    that should fix any issues you may have been experiencing.

    It's a good idea to clear your browser history regularly.
    also, temp files by doing the following..

    in windows click "run"
    type in %temp%
    press ok
    delete all files in that folder.

    empty trash.

    this will help keep your pc's browser running smoothly.

  • #2
    Just an update, it seems there was a permission issue within the software, so it may not of been a problem with your browsers after all

    Our tech dep't has informed me they have fixed the issue and all should be working like clockwork now.


    • #3
      yep as you can see I'm back on and seeing the page


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        The message section doesn't seem to be working yet though.


        • #5
          will have a look at that, thanks.
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            Not a prob, it includes not being able to view PM's and I can't seem to send them either.


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              looks like the message system has been fixed now
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