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  • Competition: Thread of the Month (March 2015)


    To enter, All you need to do is post up a new thread of discussion.
    At the end of each month, the member who posts up either the most interesting thread, most informative thread or most popular thread related to scrapping will be deemed the winner!

    Entry is open to all members and the winning thread will be judged not only by being interesting or informative, we will also take into account replies received from other members and the general response other members have.

    We are not necessarily looking for the best thread layout, best pictures or perfect spelling, Your thread could be quite simple yet effective in our pursuit for more quality threads on the subject of scrapping and the winner could be simply based on the response from other members within the thread.

    Possibly we may not have a winner for the month, in which case the prize will be jack-potted to the following month.

    The Prize for "Thread of the Month" will win:

    A Perth Mint "Kookaburra" Silver Bullion Coin of the Current Year..

    We will also select one thread for Thread of the Year!

    Thread of the year will be selected from all threads created throughout the year whether a monthly winner or not.

    The Prize for "Thread of the Year" will win:

    A Perth Mint "Kangaroo" Gold Bullion Coin of the Current Year..

    photo source: http://www.perthbullion.com

    Good Luck & Happy Scrapping from the Scrap Forum Team!