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  • Keeping threads on topic

    Hi all,

    I've been culling posts within threads that have veered off topic to the thread title so as to keep threads on topic to the discussion they were intended for.
    so for instance, if the subject is apples, I would like the thread to remain for apple discussion, even if the thread may of slowed down for the time being it isn't a thread to then ask a question about grapes.
    over the long term it makes it hard to find old discussions of topics like grapes when the thread title is apples.

    It also affects the search engine results with people coming in because they searched apples and find the discussion is about grapes so that leads to many clicking away from the site.

    I've been pretty easy going about it but it's becoming a common practice it seems so I think I need to be a bit more strict when it comes to keeping threads on topic.
    there is plenty of room for any scrap topic you can think of, we don't need to hijack a thread just because it has a similar theme, like refining or scrapping something.
    you can imagine how confusing it would be if we just had one thread on scrapping, it may of started with tv's, then onto pc's, then onto vacuum cleaners, this isn't a bulletin page with one continuous page, the forum has many categories with many posts on subject and open to any new types of topic you like, even if there is an existing topic but you wanted to take a new direction on the subject, that's fine too.

    So from now i'm going to stop posts that should be started in a new thread or could be posted to an existing thread that is current, I will do this by creating a new thread with the subject or if it's in the comments section I will copy it and send it to you via PM so you can paste it into a new thread.

    I think that will re-set this culture of posting anything anywhere just because the thread has similarities.

    Thanks all, keep scrapping and have fun!