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  • Stacking CPU's as bullion

    Anyone else stack CPU's?

    When I first started scrapping it seemed like ceramic cpu's would be around for a long time, only a few years have passed and ceramic cpu's are not around like they used to be.

    About a year ago I decided to stack CPU's instead of selling them and start stacking precious metals in the form of electronic components.
    So along with all the other components that contain PM's, CPU's are one of my favorite items to stack.
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  • #2
    RAM Sticks stack well and are another electronic component that some of us like to stack like bullion.

    When it comes to refining RAM Sticks, usually the first part processed are the gold fingers, in many cases it's as far as people go, just the fingers.
    The IC and remainder of the board either get sold on or they're processed again to recover more gold and small traces of other PM's.
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