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  • Vintage diathermy generator

    Hi scrappers!

    I had the opportunity recently to buy an old diathermy generator. I paid way too much for it, but I couldn’t resist seeing what was in this contraption. If you want to know what a diathermy generator is, then here is a Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diathermy. The type I obtained is of the short-wave variety.

    I thought this forum would be interested in this device as well. In particular, I am considering what can be scrapped, and what should be sold on further. The unit is missing its treatment cables and pads, so I suspect that it cannot be sold on as a complete unit.

    I have posted a photo of the generator with its back panel off. A few interesting finds:
    • Top left corner has a vacuum tube. I know these are collectible, but not sure what value it has. The tube is a pentode rectifier, made in the early 1960s. If anyone know more about vacuum tubes, then your feedback is welcome. The tube is in good condition.
    • Down at the bottom is a massive transformer. This machine must have packed some serious power. The transformer ring core is laminated steel, measuring 140x100mm. This may be a keeper – it could easily be rewound to serve as a welding or electric arc furnace transformer.
    • Top right corner has a variable capacitor. It is an intermeshed plate capacitor, similar to those used for tuning old radios. This one is rather long (about 15cm). Not sure about its sale value.
    • In the middle are horizontal plates that I assume are another capacitor. It is linked to the copper coils, which appear to be a variable inductor. Massive inductor though – plenty of good copper in that area. Not sure what the red cylinder is - maybe a resistor?
    • The wiring is thick copper throughout, and is not corroded.
    • The case has a nice retro feel to it. I could reuse that for another electronic build, maybe a power supply project I have in mind. It comes with some dials and gauges that could be used for this purpose.

    Any thoughts on how I should approach this machine? Views on what to scrap, keep or sell on further?

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Not sure how to sell components like that, I think i've done a couple of them before, yep here.. http://scrapforum.com.au/forum/colle...hermy-machines
    I like to keep the weird looking parts to maybe build steam punk art when I retire but i'm sure to the right person, some of those parts would be valuable.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Vintage gear like this always sells for more than scrap value!
      Although it's true that it may not on ebay (mainly due to postage or pick-up expense) - I have the advantage of owning a secondhand shop and have no troubles retailing this type of stuff!


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        Wow thanks for the feedback guys! I appreciate the link Ben

        I will definitely hold onto the diathermy generator for now. I doubt going through ebay would be a good option - I may need to see if there is an online group that has an interest in this type of electronic equipment.

        The biggest problem i have is that i am located in Canberra, and this item is very heavy and bulky. So shipping costs may be a problem.