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  • Casting Aluminium Bars

    Had a crack at casting some Aluminium bars, they turned out great
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    One comment I got that answered some questions in the video was..

    Aluminum is very reactive to oxygen, so much so that it nearly instantly forms a bond with oxygen from the air creating aluminum oxide.
    Aluminum oxide has a much higher melting point and is very hard. Fortunately it is also nearly impermeable to air.

    Any aluminum will form a skin of aluminum oxide that will prevent the rest of the aluminum from oxidizing.

    Those bars that were just poured already have a skin, so if you melt them down again you will still get even more dross. Less than what you got from the scrap as your bar has less surface area.
    This is why pop cans are generally considered a poor source of aluminum. A can is all surface area protecting very little pure aluminum.
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      Great video Ben


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        Ben I once tried melting a few bit of Ally and taking in to a scrappy and he said they wouldn't take it once its smelted down , They don't know whats been put into it or so they say


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          I had some scrap yards say the same... They don't know if you put rocks etc in the middle of the cast to also add weight and the magnet is not going to pick it up.
          Only thing you will have to melt down is brass ammo. scrap yards have stopped accepting due to something that happened last year... (who knows if there happened to be a box load of fully loaded rounds)


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            That's just silly, do scrapyards buy copper pipe? do they cut them open to find rocks? could say that about anything but in reality a rock wouldn't sit in a casted bar without it being noticed, it would float to the top or stay at the bottom, almost impossible to do a bar like that.
            And they could always drill a hole into it.
            Finally, no-one pours bars to sell as scrap metal, what would be the point?
            just a silly comment that is pointless arguing with as those that bring it up have no idea
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              Yep,once ally is melted ,its worthless to a scrapyard......but not to an amateur caster............When I was a kid,a neighbour used to make ally pulleys in his backyard ,and used old motorbike crankcases and heads for scrap..............Now I shudder to think how much valuable bikes he wrecked........but in the sixties ,Indians and Harleys were just old junk.