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  • C.P.U, I.C and Chip collectors?

    So I have an embryonic chip collection, just wondering if there are any other collectors (aside from chip stackers) in here?

    I'll get some pics of mine soon, but just saw this online and rekon its a great way to display them 😎

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    Yeah I like to collect them, a couple members have spoke of collecting them too.
    I guess it's a matter of how deep into it your going as there's some people who are going for every variation which is quite overwhelming when you realise there could be 20 variations of just one cpu,
    the current pinless style probably put a stop to variations as there's no end.

    But yeah, I enjoy finding something new and have kept the best specimens for my collection, I just scored some i960's, the're like 486's.

    most ceramic cpu's now are becoming much more collectible then any possible value in gold so not many sell them for gold recovery anymore
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      I also collect CPUs - so far I think I've got one Intel CPU from each socket type ever released. I'll expand into some of the AMDs/Cyrix/other brandsm, and some of the different Intel models where there aren't a ridiculous number of variants. But for now it's just a bit of fun. I'm probably going to mount mine in a similar thing to the one in your pic there Torkerman but also include a brief history of each of them too
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        Cool, ill put up some pics in the nxt few days, not of quantities, just different ones I have. Thanks.
        I've sold quite a few recently, but kept one or two of those batches for the collection.