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  • Easiest way to get value for money when buying precious metals. (IMO)

    Hi Scrappers.

    Just thought I would share one of the ways that I get a hold of precious metals for melting and stacking.

    There is many people out there wanting to sell their gold, silver etc but most people now days know that all the walk in shops
    and shopping centre gold buying kiosks are a huge rip off so they're reluctant to do business there.

    When I have some spare / disposable funds I stick ads up on gumtree, facebook, other buy swap and sell sites etc.

    Simple you think? Well yes. BUT there's something that makes it even more enticing to sellers!

    When I advertise I always make sure to put that I am offering to pay SPOT PRICE for precious metals, this is really key. This really makes it beneficial for sellers
    and almost guarantees you to get more business than you can even handle.

    I have never failed with buying this way.

    Anyways, nothing too exciting I guess. Just thought it may help anyone wanting to get into buying / melting / stacking.

    On a side note: Please make sure you know what you're buying! I'm not going to go into details on testing etc but there is always some dick trying to pawn you off some
    fake crap. So be warned. Also I usually do most trades in public places, cafes and coffee shops mostly. Just to be on the safe side.

    Hope that this post may help someone.


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    I have some scrap silver coins I would like to sell. There is roughly 130g of pure silver. If anyone is interested PM me for more details.

    **Moderators if this is not the right place for this. I can delete this post and make a topic in the wanted, buy, sell, swap section**


    • WEEE Ben
      WEEE Ben commented
      Editing a comment
      if you have a price in mind and a picture then yeah the selling section would be best way to sell them.
      pm sent