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    I have found that the buy prices on e-waste PCB's is mainly governed by the copper price.

    Its the copper they are after, everything else they get after refining copper is a bonus.

    The exceptions of course are RAM and CPU's.

    Most pins contain minimal amounts of Gold; except military, medical and aerospace ones.

    just my 2c worth


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      pcb's yes, but a pcb is a power circuit board, like a crt board or a power supply board so yeah they have mostly copper recovery and are worth peanuts.
      but circuit boards in general are not considered pcb's, motherboards, telecom boards etc don't have much copper, it's gold, platinum, palladium, silver etc etc.

      here's a pcb, bought for about 30c kg

      and here's a telecom board, similar in weight but little copper and bought for up to $8kg

      so if your theory was correct then they should be valued at the same price roughly.
      not the case, it's about all metals and if you broke down this telco board there'd be minimal copper but lots of gold, platinum, palladium, silver, rhodium, tantalum and many other metals ending in um.
      there's no um in copper.
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        I agree, there would be a greater percentage of PM's in the telecom board, depending on the age.
        The newer boards have copper chip carriers and aluminium bond wires with the PM's mostly in the resistors, caps and connectors.
        Even the connectors are gold flashed, not plated
        The newer MLCC's found on consumer electronics don't even contain Pa, just Ni and Ag.

        I have even come across RAM which was 50% by weight copper in the heat spreader.

        just my 1c worth

        Here is a a good example of what I am referring to

        Click image for larger version

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          I was referring to your comment on buyers basing prices on copper, so if that's correct then why would they pay 25x more for a telco board then a pcb that has 25x more copper?

          keep the change.
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            I see your point,
            I have in the past been quoted based on copper content at 16%, I must admit that the vast majority of the PCB's I have moved are low grade

            my -1c worth


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              Watching spot gold price for a while, as someone who is looking to buy a few more bars, the downward dirction is good (for me) so kitco had it at 1270usd a week ago, and as at now (09:30am Friday 18/11/2016) its at 1215usd , last time I bought a decemt amount it was just above 350usd LOL, bit more realistic now, but once (if) it gets close to 1000usd, game on!!



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                Gold usually fluctuates with the US$ so US$ goes up gold goes down, problem is if US$ goes up then the AU$ goes down making AU gold up.
                if US$ goes down gold will go up but AU$ goes up so AU gold goes down.

                In the end it's not very different, au$ has dropped 3c since gold has gone down so you can't buy gold any cheaper then it was @$1300 oz
                so if gold goes down to US$1000 oz it means the US$ is going up, so the AU$ will go lower, like into the 60's again.

                It's pure manipulation so it's really about when the gold market breaks away from this hold, if that happens a hundred dollars per oz will be insignificant compared to where gold would be.
                but gold is not an investment in most situations, it's more like an insurance policy because it earns nothing, if you bought a property at the same time gold was under $400oz that property would of earnt an income in rent and has gone up more then 300% in value.

                So it's just a store of wealth, if you got x amount in cash then they recommend 10% of that should be in gold, the other 90% invested elsewhere.

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                  True, confusing, but true 😎😎


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                    Here in the US I have learned that the higher the DOW is, the stock market, the lower the PM prices. And the inverse then too. The market just broke 20000 this Wednesday so I'm starting to gobble up stuff for my stacks. We have steal mills and coal mines firing up for the first time in almost a decade, which means the market will climb more and prices will drop farther so I haven't went all in just yet. But I think we're are going to get to a buyers market soon y'all.