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  • Gold & Silver is climbing rapidly

    How's the rising spot prices on PM's hey?
    The way thing are going I wouldn't be surprised to see AU$2000 oz gold soon.

    If it does we will see a bit of a frenzy happening again, with e-waste a major focus, everyone will be back on the band wagon.
    Those that are stacking gold recovery items will be given a well deserved bonus too.

    Silver seems to be climbing a little higher with the GSR down to about 66:1 compared to 77:1
    Probably the thing with silver is the banks can't really control it as they don't own it, if it gets to under 50:1 then might ever be a good time to swap gold for silver.

    I can't help but think of how stuffed up the economy really is and this rise in PM's is really just a fraction of what could be.
    My tip for gold recovery items is Hold
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    I have noticed this aswell. My silver stack is modest at 30 T Oz and gold at just 10g but I guess it's all relative. I will see a profit and that is what counts.

    do you anticipate ewaste prices also climbing soon?


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      Probably not commercially until gold made a solid move up to like us$1600+ again, it's all based on us$,.
      but the popular gold recovery bits like pins, fingers, ram etc will be the first indicator.

      like 3-4 years ago backyard refiners were struggling to get material so prices were over inflated due to supply demand, they were paying twice as much then they could extract.

      But there are new players at the moment trying to grab the market by offering prices no one can match like $7.50kg mobo's, $24kg ram etc.
      although these fly by nighters won't last long with new laws that will ban exporting e-waste, it all needs to be processed in Aust' so only the big players will be able to do it.
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        Hi Ben, thanks for the info. You always know your stuff. Do you expect to see people starting to do toll refines etc here in Aussie. I have very modest amounts of stuff but in 6months I expectnto have accumalated 1.5kg of partial pins and .5 of fullyplated. I am hoping someone will do them for me.


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          Not likely for small qty's, if you think about it, a proper refiner will have a large investment in equipment, staff, rent etc etc, they wouldn't be running around with little baggies of pins and refining every day, they will accumulate and process in one big run, so how do they work out what your pins ended up producing?

          No it'll be more of a buy and pay cash for what you send based on their grading, which wouldn't be anywhere near what you could sell to a backyarder on ebay.

          even large e-waste buyers today would look at you funny if you rocked up with a jar of pins, they couldn't value it until they did assaying etc, unless you had hundreds of kg's no-one will do that, think it costs like $300 to get a sample of anything assayed so yeah, 1.5kg of pins wouldn't even cover the time it would take to deal with you in the first place, that's why we don't already have them here.
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            I have found a guy in Victoria that is doing some refining for me. He is building a hammer mill but at the moment he refines a lot of gold pins. I have sent him a bunch of ceramic IC's and CPU's to try out. He seems trustworthy so I will see how that goes. My intention was to ask him if he wanted to go down the toll refining route. He has his own little lab in the garage so not commercial quantities. Its someone like that I want to send my stuff to.


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              What quantities did you send Pav?


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                Hi Ben, I kind of hoped that we might get a backyard refiner who would be interested. I never for one moment thought a large one would be keen. I have no delusions of grandeur when it comes to my quantities, think I am quite open about that.


                • WEEE Ben
                  WEEE Ben commented
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                  been trying for a couple years now so I kinda gave up in searching and asking around for a backyard toll refiner who has their stuff together.
                  grandeur? we're scrappers mate, that's too fancy for here.

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                Currently its 100 grams up to 1kg at a go. He has bought a few kilo of pins from me to do himself and done what I call "tester" batches for nothing. I will try get him on the forums. He has offered to do other things like the CPU's and ceramic IC's. At the moment I have offered him a cut of the end result but he has said he would do it for nothing for me. There will be costs in chemicals, he mainly uses Nitric so thats not cheap. I am not even sure what to offer him as payment for a toll refiner.

                What is the going rate normally? 20%?


                • WEEE Ben
                  WEEE Ben commented
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                  20% sounds a bit low, but if the refiner is into it for more then money, they seem to have pride in their end product, so maybe it's fair for him.
                  so lets say 1kg of partially plated pins has 5g gold, would it be worthwhile for him to refine 1kg for $50 or 1 gram?
                  yeah sign him up here, if he got rolling he'd get many jobs, 95% of visitors are lurkers but many are active in the background.

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                Yeah try to get him on here. I don't have much but probably around 8kg mixed over ICs, pins, ram and cpu. In terms of the going rate, I guess it's negotiable. Some forums suggest a 50% split. It takes us a lot of time to pull the pins etc, but they got to pay for chemicals and the risk.


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                  Have you received anything from him yet or is he still refining?


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                    I haven't got anything yet, as a test (100g) I just wanted to know the gold content in my pins so I let him have the results. Lucky for me they were the ones I listed on the forum a while ago from the decommissioned Satellite tracking station. He is getting 1 gram of 24k gold out of 100g of pins. I sold them to him for $300 per kilo. Gold is about $55 a gram so thats $550 per kilo he is getting. I was happy with the $300 he was happy with my honesty and weights (always added a little extra for him).

                    It was just in the last week I have sent him my IC's and CPU's to try out. He still insists on doing it for free as he loves doing it, but I am trying to convince him to take some cash as I feel bad.

                    He is going away for a week or 2 on Monday, and when he gets back I am going to Bali for 3 weeks so will be a little while before he gets on here.

                    I asked, and he promised to take photos all the way through of how he does it. Told him I will upload to this website so you guys can see. After that I will see if he will join us.

                    As I said he is so far trustworthy.

                    He showed me his little 58 gram ingot he has made Loots cute. I really hope I can get him on here as I am sure there will be heaps of people that want to use his abilities. He is 69, not sure if retired yet but it is his hobby.

                    I know I promised to take photos of my IC grinding and refining but I just cannot find the time Now it looks like I wont have to do it.


                    • WEEE Ben
                      WEEE Ben commented
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                      does he stamp the ingots? how does he determine the fineness?
                      I''d like to meet up with him and maybe do a video on his technique with my stuff that he could keep in the end.
                      coul you just send the link to the forum? maybe he'll join sooner