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  • with Fridge freezers lol

    Hey guys,
    A hot and sticky welcome from Qld, oh yes its hot today and so is my love for fridge freezers lol. Once the item you walked on past, " oh no theres nothing in those " well thats what i thought but STOP.......... i now make $25 Pure profit from each one i collect and so will you !!!!!
    Its simple really and all about how you approach people and sell the idea to them, basically you convince them you are doing them a favour getting rid of the damn thing.
    Dont jump down my throat im not a shark or devious, im very far from that but recently i noticed when i advertise for whitegoods its nearly always a women who replies ? They dont want to lift or wrestle with an old freezer and take it to the dump and when good old husband comes in from work the last thing he wants to do is the same. So, where i am the dump charges $10 de-gas fee for accepting freezers, i simply tell the client this fact and also say i charge $15 removal to cover fuel, what i hear you say thats only $15 profit you said $25 ?
    Your spot on so how do i get the extra $10 ? And before anyone says i cut the compressor off and take it to the tip gas free i dont, never have never will, i have 2 kids and if by scrapping and recycling i can make even a miniscule of difference in reducing waste and increasing my wallet lol then i will, i wont take a short cut that will be detrimental to others further down the line. Anyway to get the extra $10 i simply take it straight to my scrapyard who received them for nothing provided the compressor is still attached,
    So there you go $25 and the customer is happy, its a problem gone and a cheap price to pay.
    So will this relight your love affair with freezers lol ?

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    I'll take just about anything for $10 pick-up fee, yes most of my customers are female, I think it's because they get things done, us guys tend to leave things hang around for decades
    Buying eWaste link here


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      actually sometimes it makes you feel proud to help someone


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        nice , helping someone and earning money


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          Good thing you don't cut off the compressor


          Hmmm penalty units... if caught...real bad...not good

          I think about this every time I drive past a fridge on the nature strip which is missing its compressor wondering if the mans young family was involved.

          I have seen the whole family Mum (with baby), Dad, kids going down the street during hard rubbish cutting the compressors out and smashing the yokes off old CRT TV's

          Just my 25c worth