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  • what to do with plastic and waste from scrapping.

    What do melb people do with their plasic from scrapping TVs, Vacs, etc?
    can it be put in the recycle wheely bin?
    can it be sold or given to recycle centers?

    Also, whats the best way of going to the tip? sounds like an odd question but ive never done it.
    are some places cheaper than others?
    can ratepayers/renters go for free?


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    I believe SITA will take it. Haven't found where they are yet thou it took a lot of googling to find anything. Check out sita.com.au


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      Small plastic can be put in the recycling bin yeah.
      Plastic from tv's should stay with the tv, it's mostly the back cover.
      Plastic from printers, vacuums etc like ABS Plastic could be sent to your e-waste recycler who buys you boards, they will already have a plastic bin
      so if your selling them boards then they should let you dump your plastic too, but usually it needs to be clean of any screws etc.

      I've been scrapping for a few years and can get large volumes sometimes, I've never been to the tip.
      The tip is off limits for scrappers as the cost is very high, like $120 for a trailer.
      Sure some rate payers get a free dump per year but also you have your free hard rubbish collection from council.
      If there's things you can't work out what to do with then save it until your hard rubbish.
      But you should never have to go to the tip with scrap, if you got your plastic covered then what else would go? all steel is sellable.
      Buying eWaste link here


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        Ive never taken anything to the tip or put anything scrap related in my own bins. Its either a sorted precious metal or its black iron.


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          How much plastic are we talking about? There are buyers around for larger volumes.


          • TheBabadook
            TheBabadook commented
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            Not a lot. I'm new at a hobby level, but it stacks up fast and ugly in the back yard. same with steal. Don't know why I'm doing this, I drive a coupe! 😃 it's just fun I guess. Coppers so pretty.

            Any one grind and barrel up plastic. How much space would 1 ton look like ground up in wine barrels?

          • wilba36
            wilba36 commented
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            Pommy picker where was that as I'm looking at going pro and am looking for someone to take all my plastic away once I do.

          • Pommy Picker
            Pommy Picker commented
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            I will have to search my internet history lol bear with me

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          If you grind it up they won't pay for it .. You'll need to sort the type of plastic different places require it in different styles .. It will also need to be cleaned and granulated into pellets by the end user so best of just baleing it on pallets


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            what about the leftover tubes from TVs. whats the best thing to do with them?


            • Okeden
              Okeden commented
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              Yeah forgot one other thing. You say that CDS takes CRT's. Do they buy them or just take them? I wouldn't be bothered carting them 300k just to give them away.

            • goatrutar
              goatrutar commented
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              I'm pretty sure CDS don't pay for CRT tellys.

            • Okeden
              Okeden commented
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              Thanks goatrutar, figured they wouldn't. As I said, I don't want to cart them 300k for nothing. I'll follow them up on the plastics though, that could be worth a dollar. Cheers.

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            So I've got about 70 0dd TV's mainly because no E waste come out to the mallee area so I cut a deal with the local tip id do their e scrapping . Now I've got a load of Plastic and tubes to get rid of and I don't mind saying , there's not much metal in the tubes to make them worth while . Out here I have 120 klms to get to the Scrappy and they give me $40 a ton for metal $4 a kilo for copper


            • WEEE Ben
              WEEE Ben commented
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              your in a spot of bother there, crt tv's are not what you should be picking up if you don't have a disposal plan, like a legal one.
              there are transfer stations around that take them, you should put the covers back on them as they are dangerous as bare tubes and a transfer station won't take them like that, it's basically rubbish now so if you can, take them back to the tip you took them from.

              Yep, on average there's about $6 value in a crt, not worth dragging around, stick with flat screens as you can at least sell most of it as scrap steel.

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            Oh bugger , Well bit late for that one I guess , I open my mouth before looking deep enough into this one . They charge $20 for Tv etc to go to the Tip , even with out the good scrap parts the are classed as e-waste . well Im just going to have to bite the bullet and break them right down and separate the lot plastics , glass steel etc . Thank you


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              Dispose of the tubes properly if you just smash em down into a bin and send em to landfill that's a lot of lead that's getting buried


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                Oh there's lead in them ,, now that I didn't know I was going to put them in the Glass recycle part ,,,, Im guessing now I cant do that . So if I smash the tubes where would I take the glass ?


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                  Leave them intact as the contain other things like cadmium and you don't need to breathing that in if you break them ... Places will take th like tess Ann but you will need to pay to dispose of them... As Ben said if you can pick the goodies screw the case back together and try and find a transfere station to take them for free