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  • Mobile Phones

    Hi Ben

    I have just watched your mobile phone video which was very fun.

    Have you ever thought about selling the phones as faulty for repairs or parts only? Those old Nokias are quite collectable. I am selling 8 phones at present as faulty/broken and currently bidding is at $22.50. Just a thought.

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    I guess I could do that but I like my gold recovery bits, I got so many items I can sell but it's the posting out that gets to me, just can't be bothered but i've started back on ebay a little,
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Do you buy mobile phone boards?

      Many thanks


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        Yeah I buy all boards but mobile phone boards don't have a separate category, like hard drive boards they are graded as they come and fit into one of the regular grades from mid-grade up to telecom grade.
        modern H/D boards are only mid-grade, modern phone boards are usually high grade, older stuff can go up to telecom but depends on the type of chips and overall PM recovery.
        Buying eWaste link here


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          Ok great. I don't have too much stuff but would be great to come see you again and clear some clutter from the garage.