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  • what to sell

    When doing normal household collections what do you all try to sell before scrapping?

    standard wifi adapters
    hard drives
    mobile phones
    slot cards

    just curious?

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    Non of the above for me, I look out for high end amps and stereo equipment, anything vintage electronic, i3, i5, i7 cpu's from more modern pc's, mac stuff, game consoles and that's about it.
    everything else I scrap as many things you list are too complicated to sell as they could be faulty, hard drives aren't worth the trouble unless you got 2tb and above.

    Garage nick nack boxes with hoarded bits like old brass door knobs, hinges, padlocks is good stuff to build up and sell.

    Hard rubbish is an excellent source of stuff to sell, especially if you know about furniture and retro stuff, even full size pushbikes can sell ok if your into that but generally the guys who pick up good wooden furniture do the best, even an old stool sells well as these days it's all ikea junk and quality timber is expensive.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      If you know what you are doing, you can sell essentially anything that comes out of a computer. It doesn't take much to learn how to test the components. I sell CPUs, motherboards RAM and hard drives. You can get $10-$30 after fees from your average motherboard with a pinless CPU (Core 2 Duo). Much better than less than $5 in scrap. Of cause it takes time to sell and test but in volume it is worthwhile.


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        That's a good point on the furniture, I never really considered going for that. I have to listings on ebay at present so will be interested to see how they go.

        how do you test cpus and motherboards Nick?

        thanks for the replies


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          Find yourself an ATX power supply that you know is working, for each type of socket you also need a working motherboard. Set them aside and use to test processors and memory. A simple power up test should suffice but you can make yourself a Linux boot CD with test programs to run memory tests, etc.

          You need to figure out what systems still have value. I doubt you'd get much for Slot CPU or Socket 370 mainboards..


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            Thank you for the reply. Good information.