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  • Pool Chlorinator

    Has anyone had anything to do with pool chlorinators before? I picked one up today and read online that they can be coated with precious metals like platinum. Do scrap yards pay for them?

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    Absolutely they do, they call it irony aluminium 30c kg
    If there was large volumes say after a warranty exchange where they had hundreds, they would sell it to an e-waste recycler who would take a sample and send to get assayed to come up with a buy price.
    The plates are probably titanium too but as a single it's probably just worth keeping for interest sake.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      The one I had was titanium plated with Ruthenium, a platinum group metal. I have kept the pieces but they dont have much of a value.


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        Haha ok I guess it goes to the back of the shelf for when I get around to the extraction stage. Cheers guys.