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  • Fuses

    I read something online a while ago where somebody claimed that ordinary plug fuses contained a small amount of silver. As a result I have been saving mine in a large jar which is now beginning to overflow. Does anyone know if this is true or am I just wasting a jam jar?

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    G'day Belfast

    You're partly right. Here's a copy from http://www.fuseco.com.au/help/faq_lo...3423&sid=13282 and their description.

    "Most LV fuse elements are made of copper (Cu). Fuse elements of fast acting fuses and HV fuses are primarily made of silver (Ag). Silver plated copper is also commonly used. As a rule, fuse elements of time delay fuses contain low melting point materials, e.g. tin (Sn) or zinc (Zn) and alloys thereof. Formerly used alloys containing lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) have widely been eliminated."

    Have a look at their sight, it might help you further.


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      Thanks for the link Okeden it was informative reading. I think my hoard will mainly be standard LV although I will check through them when I get the time. At least I have a lifetimes supply of fuses and now know to keep an eye open for fast acting and HV.