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  • Air-cons split systems

    anyone know the value of these thing guy wants to sell me about a hundread of these for $6 each

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    I deal with splits as follows, assuming they are de-gassed
    Compressor unit, I pay per fan
    Head unit - no value

    With gas, negotiate with your friendly aircon bloke and deduct the cost of de-gassing, for as sure as god made little green apples you will one day get a visit from the EPA when a neighbor complains about the smell, or their family pet dog/cat/bird/chicken/lizard/fish/spider/snake/mouse/rat suddenly dies and they blame you or a council worker spots you and is a do-gooder

    At $6 each compressor unit, you need to factor your labour to dismantle. I can do one in 11 minutes, all day long and usually start selling when I get about 2 tons of compressors at which point I clean the coils and the copper.

    As for the head unit, I extract the coil and motor. I do not clean the coils as I don't pay for them and in a nearly all cases the time to clean the coils is not worthwhile.

    There is good value in these, but you need to have the right tools else you will spend up to 30 minutes just on the compressor and up to 40 minutes on the head, when you cannot get the motor away from the fan.

    I do not clean up the wire and it goes straight into my PVC low grade bin.

    The PCB goes straight into low grade and in the case of inverter models, there is a MASSIVE extruded aluminium heatsink and transformer or three.

    The steel case is easy to dispose of, but the plastic from the head, and the plastic fans, well that is another matter. You will get HEAPS of it and the foam insulation from the copper tubing.

    The other little nasty is the bitumen based anti-vibration wrap. Sometimes its as hard as cement, other times it sticks like sh*t to everything and the more you try to get it off the further it spreads and it don't come off in the wash, as the wife will tell you :-)

    Expect the follow from these


    Copper #1 and #1
    Brass, clean, fittings and brass screws
    Brass, dirty
    Ali copper radiator clean and dirty
    Electric motors between 2 and 4
    Transformers between 2 and 5
    PVC light dirty
    PVC medium ( if they are slack when pulling out the unit )

    Low value

    The steel case
    The steel from the coils
    Screws, nuts, bolts etc.

    No value

    The aluminium capacitors
    The plastic

    Hope this helps


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      Thanks bohdan by pay by fan do you mean the unit that is outside the building?


      • Bohdan
        Bohdan commented
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        The external unit is called the condenser and contains one or more large plastic fans. These are the ones I count when pricing.

        The large industrial units can have up to 4 fans and weigh in at over 150kg. You really want these as the about 1/2 the weight is in the compressors and the other 3/8 is in copper, brass and aluminium


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      Awesome info thanks bohdan


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        Hi bohdan I found these round cylinder in a solar power inverter box won't let me upload a photo any idea what it is? Was sitting on a bracket above the transformer


        • Bohdan
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          Hmmm...more info needed

        • Nick
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          It sounds like capacitor. If it is, they are generally classed as irony Aluminum.

        • Bohdan
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          Not all scrap yards take these wet capacitors. A couple of yards near me have had loads rejected because of them.
          The EPA classes them as hazardous waste due to the nature of the liquid they contain.
          If you try to melt them to get to the aluminium, bad Juju happens, big bangs and LOTS of s!#t everywhere usually spewing out the paper as fire snow, even if you puncture them first. Only safe way to melt them is to shred them first!

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        It's very heavy must be close to 2kgs about half the size of a Coke can


        • Bohdan
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          Ahhh...sounds like a filter choke. Some of the better inverters use copper wire in them, the cheaper ones use aluminium. Sold as ballast transformers.

          Crack one open to check but do it carefully as some of them are impregnated with a hard black glassy material which shatters into a bazillion pieces, think hand grenade, when shocked.

          A picture really would help.

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        Thanks guys I'll see what I can do about the size of the photo only taken it on my phone


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          Good spud cannon ammo if it's rubbish :P


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            Hi Bohdan I smashed it open after chaseing up some more info copper choke and some kind of die cast shell


            • Bohdan
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              they sell as ballast transformers, too much effort to get the copper out...

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            I have a trick to get it out quick


            • Bohdan
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              Just don't let the neighbors see/smell the smoke!

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            I press them in a steel box just like I do motors and transformers


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              Hey Vulture,

              A very interesting "suggestion" you've put up here. It certainly interests me, and I suggest many others on the forum. How about giving us a description of what it is you do to recover the copper out of ballasts. Currently I just sell them as electric motors, but would do much better if I could separate the copper out.
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