Silver's gone down a bit today and looks like it could well go even lower.

Currently it's US$19.21 or AU$20.46
The Aussie dollar has been slowly climbing up, we're at 0.9387 so that helps, would be great if it was level with the US$
with $19.21 silver but it's still cheap to me.

Gold US$1289 but seems to be sticking around the $1300 mark, I don't expect gold or silver to drop too much from here,
some believe it will, as low as US$800 oz for gold, I highly doubt that.

But even if gold & silver does drop a bit more, I really feel we're at the lower end, it may stay like this forever but with the way things
are going economy wise, it wouldn't surprise me that the rumor of a new gold standard originating in asia will eventuate in the near future.

Gold is still the preferred store of wealth for most of the world, for some it's embedded in their culture, for others, saving in gold is part of their culture,
that won't ever change, the only thing in the way is the banks and those you control the FIAT currency systems, the elite and probably even the reptillians.

I'm going to get me a few chinese silver panda's this week, under $30 each and don't really get much cheaper then that.
I'm done with kook's for this year, I have what I want so until perth mint release some new bullion, i'll get some panda's.