Prepper’s in general seem like a strange mob, you just need to watch some of the hundreds of prepper’s putting up youtube video’s to realize that aside from the practical prepper,
there’s a lot of very intense pepper’s, prepping for some kind of apocalyptic event or virtually the end of the world.

That to me sounds more like science fiction, but hey, end of the day anything’s possible.
It’s also something that kinda don’t matter whether you prepped or not, if SHTF that bad, I’m not certain any prep’s would help.
With that said, Prepping for anything is better than not being prepared.

So if your stacking rice and cans of spam because you believe martians will attack, zombies will walk the streets at night or world war 3 is imminent, fantastic!
I hope it doesn’t happen, but if it did and you prepped and survived, kudos to you

My idea of prepping for SHTF is a combination of prepping for any kind of scenario within reason, keeping in mind, being in Australia is somewhat different I believe then prepping in Europe or America, for a start, and it’s really a big factor, Australian gun laws.

With our gun laws it means your average joe bloggs doesn't own a gun, in fact many Australian’s have never even seen or touched a gun, that makes SHTF in Australia different to say the united states where you can walk into k-mart and load up on semi-automatic weapons, the catch 22 is, if SHTF in the states, you need a gun because everyone else has one, so that’s the difference to me in prepping in Australia then most other countries, very little guns or ammunition in circulation is one obstacle out of the way.
That’s probably the last I’ll ever mention guns, personally I don’t like ‘em, apart from general shot guns for farm use etc, the world would be a better place if we didn't have any.

But in my mind, I feel the most likely scenario of SHTF is some kind of global economic collapse, or the collapse of the paper money system as we know it, I’m certainly no financial guru, not even close so I can’t say what, but things just don’t seem right economically speaking, government’s are printing money continuously, can’t be good in the long run, something has to give.

The other side of my prepping is simply to have a well stocked pantry for everyday use.

Having a well stocked pantry of things I regularly use in the kitchen saves money, most of what I stock in the pantry is bought on special, and not just regular special but super special, half price or less, there’s a lot of products I use that go on special regularly, after some time I’ve learnt to replenish stocks when on special and buy up big when on super special.

I don’t go for the cheapest, I need to eat it eventually, no point in stocking up on something because it was cheap if I won’t eat it.

SHTF doesn't mean I should eat bland things and have no luxuries.
A big part of survival in SHTF would not just be to satisfy your stomach, but your mind too.

Eating the food you prefer is a morale booster, kind of like normality.
Things may be gloomy, you might be baled up inside your house or bugging out in the bush, eating plain rice and lentils or MRE’s dropped from airplanes would get boring very quickly,
eating normal will make you feel normal, giving you the edge for survival, a clear head makes clear decisions, a full belly gives you strength and an edge, if you’re not spending your energy looking for food, you can use that energy to do other more productive things.

So when it comes to food, I’m not going for mega bulk, I’m stacking quality products on special and only tried and tested stuff, things I use every day.

Rotating the pantry is important if you want to maximize the value of your stock, failing to rotate and letting things expire is a waste of money, and an indication you bought too many or it’s something you don’t normally eat.

For example, I like hot dogs, I don’t normally eat cocktail franks but I found them in a can, a good brand and so I thought I’d try them out for the pantry, I got two cans and opened one that day, cooked them on the stove top and they were awful, just not my taste so whilst the idea of ‘em was great, it’s like meat, would keep for years in the can and would be great in SHTF, but no, even if I was hungry I’d hate to eat them, so I still have one can on the shelf, I’ll use it as a barter item maybe.

My point is I could of easily bought 20 cans of cocktail franks and had them on the shelf, come SHTF I’d be very disappointed as I’d hate ‘em, a waste of money and space.

So almost everything’s tried, tested and rotated through to the kitchen, if I enjoy eating it in good times, where I can be eating anything I like, then it’ll be even better in a SHTF scenario.

Long term foods I try and keep high stocks of, although I don’t prep’ for long term storage, I don’t particularly want to eat 20 year old rice, or eat a tin of food that’s been sitting on the shelf for 10 years, so I don’t buy a 20 year supply of rice, or so many cans of one thing that I would never go through if s*it never did hit the fan.

I do understand there’s many preppers that invest in long term food storage items a bit like an insurance policy, so they’ll get say rice, vacuum seal it and put it away, then throw it out and replace it, so the rice is purely for SHTF and not used in the kitchen.
That’s not my style of prepping, besides, unless I had something to go with that rice, like a stir fry, a currie or some goulash, I wouldn't last on rice for long.

To me a balanced pantry is important, I like my pasta sauce with beef mince, I don’t expect to get much beef mince in SHTF,
so no point in having 100 jars of pasta sauce or 50 packs of spaghetti unless I have a 50 kg’s of beef mince in the freezer at the time SHTF.

The other side of my pantry is the non edible stuff, mostly prepping items.
Cleaning products, medicinal items, safety equipment, lighting and cooking equipment,
general survival gear, fishing equipment, preserving jars, the list goes on, I’ll be sharing some pictures of things I have so far.

My garage is also a prepping zone, just about everything that gets stored in a garage could be useful in SHTF.
Tools, garden tools, nuts n bolts, nails, wire, steel bars, you name it, it’s amazing how resourceful people can get when the need arises, your garage junk can become valuable barter items come SHTF, there’s always something you will need that you didn’t prep for, so bartering is something you’ll have to do.

There’s so many directions one can take in the quest to prep for SHTF, I’ve barely made a dent in the topics and subjects of prepping.
I’ve much to learn yet, but I’m heading in the right direction, Looking forward to sharing my prepping journey with you all,
feel free to add a comment and share your thoughts on prepping for SHTF.